V. S. Naipaul

A partir da recém-publicada biografia de V.S. Naipul, Paul Theraux retoma a tese do monstro egotista :

"Ten years ago I published Sir Vidia’s Shadow, depicting V S Naipaul as a grouch, a skinflint, tantrum-prone, with race on the brain. He was then, and continued to be, an excellent candidate for anger management classes, sensitivity training, psychotherapy, marriage guidance, grief counselling and driving lessons – none of which he pursued.
Just a few weeks ago, in a sycophantic piece about Naipaul by a rival newspaper, my book was described as an example of “literary pique” because I had suggested that Naipaul was a monstrous egotist.
Now French’s biography amply demonstrates everything I said and more. It is not a pretty story; it will probably destroy Naipaul’s reputation for ever, ...
It is not strange that he has a title and wealth and a Nobel prize – there have been other Nobel laureates as twisted as Naipaul. Kipling, for example, had a similarly dysfunctional childhood, similar views on warfare and on lesser breeds. He was also just as free and easy with the word “nigger”; but he wasn’t cruel. (...)" Ler mais

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