Piercings II

A legislação relativa aos piercings é um exemplo precioso dos extremos a que o Estado chega quando se investe de um "poder pastoral":
"(...) the modern Western state has integrated into a new political shape an old power technique that originated in Christian institutions. We can call this power technique "pastoral power". (...) It was a question no longer of leading people to their salvation in the next world but, rather, ensuring it in this world. And in this context, the word “salvation” takes on different meanings: health, well-being (that is, sufficient wealth, standard living), security, protection against accidents. A series of “worldly” aims took the place of the religious aim traditional pastorate, all the more easily because the latter, for various reasons, had followed in an accessory way a certain number of these aims; (...) " Michel Foucault, The Essential Foucault

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