Ler: Jorge Valdano. Amen

If, despite such a weight of history, Brazil remain favourites for this World Cup, it is because of their outlandish talent: the magic of Ronaldinho, the devastating bursts of Ronaldo, the elegant and simple play of Kaka, the correct proportion of skill and power of Adriano, the 100 metres of football down the left of Roberto Carlos, and down the right of Cafu . . . They've even got a goalkeeper: Dida.

Argentina are another story. The difference from Brazil is perceptible even in the way they get to the ground. The Brazilians go to matches singing samba, because their relationship with football is an extension of a joyful way of life. We Argentinians go in the bus belting out terrace chants as if we were sharpening our weapons for the battle, such is the seriousness with which we approach football. Ler mais

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