Os predadores do costume

O Reino Unido anda a recrutar médicos nos países do terceiro mundo. O resultado para os países que assim se vêem privados dos seus poucos recursos humanos não podia ser mais catastrófico.

"The rich countries of the West are systematically stripping the developing world of their doctors and nurses in one of the worst acts of global exploitation in modern times.[..] More than 30 per cent of practising doctors and nurses in the UK were trained outside the country, compared with 5 per cent in France and Germany, and the demand for health workers from overseas is increasing.[...] Independent

UK versus Ghana
Child mortality: deaths before 5
Ghana: One in 10
UK: One in 150
Life expectancy at birth
Ghana: 57.6 years
UK: 78.2 years
Spending on health per head
Ghana: £7
UK: £900
Doctors per 100,000 people
Ghana: 9
UK: 166

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